How to Prepare Junk Cars for Recycling

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how to recycle your junk car

 Recycling: The Green Industry

The most recycled product in America is not cans, bottles, plastic, boxes, or paper.  It’s cars and trucks.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, over 8 million cars and 5 million trucks are recycled each year to recover millions of tons of steel and other metals.

Auto Salvage Yards play a huge role in keeping our nation clean, safe, and scenic, as well as significantly reducing the prices of new vehicles by providing a steady supply of scrap steel to the automobile manufacturing industry.

When a car or truck reaches the end of it’s useful life, it still has many serviceable parts that can be re-used in other road-worthy vehicles.  Recyclers take great care not to waste usable parts, and have worked closely with mechanics and automobile repair shops for decades to keep repair costs down by supplying used parts when they’re available.

Useful parts and recyclable metals are not all that we find in scrap vehicles, though.  Environmental hazards like battery acid, antifreeze, gasoline, engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, mercury, lead, chromium, and other solid and liquid wastes are present and must be recycled or disposed of with care.

Preparing a Car for the Scrap Yard

Because scrap vehicles are a potential source of environmental contamination, recycling facilities are required to follow a extensive set of rules and management practices.  Before a car can be crushed or shredded, it must have the following items removed:

  • Air bags
  • Mercury switches
  • Gasoline
  • Batteries
  • Engine oil
  • Transmission and brake fluids
  • Antifreeze

Once hazardous materials are recovered from scrap vehicles, they must be properly handled.  This includes reuse where possible,  and recycling and disposal when necessary.

In addition to draining and collecting hazardous liquids and solids, scrap and recycling yards in Oregon are required to manage and protect storm water runoff.  In some cases, vehicle processing facilities are covered to prevent rain water from contacting toxic liquids or metals.

Before a car can be recycled, state and federal laws require recyclers to get titles and other ownership documents even if the car is not running or driveable.  While this can make the process for recycling old and abandoned vehicles more difficult, it helps to discourage theft, so make sure you keep your ownership records safe.

While environmental controls and regulations increase the costs of vehicle recycling, they also make it one of the greenest industries in America.  At Fred’s Auto Removal, We have a Network of Junk Car Buyers in Portland that want to pay you cash for your car and handle the hassle of Preparing your own vehicle for recycling. We consider it a privilege to provide our network of automobile recycling services to our state and community while keeping our environment safe for future generations.

Get Cash for Junk Cars and Go Green

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