If your car is dead sell it to Fred.

We pay Cash for Cars in Gresham and free towing if your car won’t run and drive. FredsAutoRemoval.com has buyers who want your car for parts, scrap, or to fix up and resell just call us today 503-810-3061 Top dollar just hollar! 😀 Give us a call today and find out how much your running, wrecked, damaged, salvaged, or junk car is worth. We buy any car, truck, or van in any condition.

We have a Network of Dealers, Towers, and Salvage Yards in Gresham.
We have no hidden fees and towing is always provided free if your car doesn’t run.
CALL US AT 503-810-3061
Fred’s Auto Removal buys junk autos for scrap and parts but we also pay more for running or 2007 and newer wrecked, salvaged, or car in any condition. Every automobile has a different price so call us to find out what the price of yours is. You have something we want and it has four wheels(sometimes six) and goes vroom! You know what i’m talking about so if you have a car, truck, or van running or not that you don’t need any more call Fred’s Auto Removal and get a hassle free quote and towing is always free. Sometimes people think it’s a good idea to try and take parts of their car and sell them before retiring the car carcass to a junk car bone yard but we want to tell you need to be prepared before you take on such a big job. First you’ll need to buy a whole variety of special tools to take your car part with and it will take you a lot of time, it will be very messy, and sometimes parts you thought would sell never sell and you’ve wasted a ton of time and money and you lost more then you gained. Take the easy way out and sell your vehicle through a company that pays Cash for Junk Cars Gresham OR. Beware of shady car buyers that claim to pay the most cash for cars in Gresham over the phone but just want to waste your time and try to low ball you when they show up to meet you at your vehicle. Don’t get scammed out of your hard earned junk car cash give us a call today at 503-810-3061 and get the money you deserve. We have experienced tow truck drivers that will bring you the agreed payment and hook it up then tow it away right then and there. Make sure to have your title or proof of ownership because we only buy cars that are legal and have all the required paperwork according to state laws.

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