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Planning on junking your old car, truck or van? If so, before you sell your vehicle make sure you get a junk car estimate because this will tell you what your vehicle is really worth.

The big question though is once you’re ready to get rid of your junk vehicle how do you come up with an estimate for what your junk car is really worth?

This is a difficult question to ask because, just about everyone has a sentimental value that they place on their vehicle due to the months or years and memories that they’ve made driving that vehicle everywhere but the hard truth is that once your vehicle is classified as a junk vehicle, your car, truck, or van, is only worth a certain value based on the following questions:

Where Is Your Vehicle Located?

The first step towards determining what your junk vehicle is really worth is the location of your vehicle.

Will the auto yard or recycler have to send someone out to pick your vehicle up and tow it back to their wrecking yard? If so, this is one of the factors that will affect the value of your vehicle because, that individual will have to spend money on gas and labor to transport your junk vehicle from Point A where it’s currently located, to Point B, its ultimate destination.

What Is The Condition?

Another big question that will be used towards determining what your vehicle is really worth is what is the current condition of the vehicle.

Junkyards, salvagers, mechanics and any other type of company that works on junk vehicles want to know the answer to this question because, they need to know if the individual parts in your vehicle are still worth recycling or if they’re too worn down by time, deteriorated, damaged and not worth reselling.

Sometimes, even though you think your vehicle can be classified as junk, and it should be sent directly to the junkyard, another reality is that your vehicle could be perfect find for another company or individual to fix it up, get it running again, and then resell it to someone who needs an affordable vehicle.

What Is The Make, Model And Year Of The Vehicle?

Besides wanting to know the location and the condition of your vehicle, companies that recycle junk cars, trucks, and vans will also want to know the make, model and year of your vehicle because, the answer to this question does mean that there may be more of a demand for specific parts, like the airbag in your vehicle, and other types of components so the answer to this question alone could be all it takes to raise the value of your junk vehicle to more than you anticipated.

Close up of car dashboard and Odometer.

How Many Miles Are On The Vehicle?

Most companies who work on junk vehicles will use mileage for determining the value of a junk vehicle.

In the junk car world, the more mileage that a vehicle has typically means that the car, truck or van which is classified as being a junk vehicle will be worth less money than what its owner anticipated.


A vehicle with lower miles means that the vehicle could be worth more because vehicles with lower miles means that the parts in the vehicle will still be in fair condition and can be resold to individuals or companies who buy parts for other vehicles while a vehicle with high miles means that the parts in the vehicle have been well-used over time and may not be worth as much.

What Is the Current Price of Scrap Metal?

You may not think that the current price of scrap metal has anything to do with the value of your vehicle but the truth is that it absolutely does affect the value of your vehicle because, if scrap metal is currently not worth as much as it has been in the past, this means that there is less of a demand for scrap metal and you can potentially expect a lower offer on your vehicle then you may have received just one year ago.

What Is The Kelly Blue Book Value?

Last of all, but most important, another key factor that you can use to determine the value of your junk vehicle is your vehicle’s current value in a Kelley Blue Book.

The Kelly Blue Book is one of the oldest and most iconic methods in use today for vehicle valuation but you also have to keep in mind that your car or truck has to be in decent condition, not have any serious damage or mechanical problems because, if the vehicle is never going to get on the road again then the value that you find in the Kelley Blue Book may not be an accurate value for your vehicle.

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Are you planning on junking your car? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

At Fred’s Auto Removal we’ve junked many cars over the years from owners in Portland Oregon and the surrounding areas.

Although many people think that junking a car is as simple as calling a company like ours, or a wrecking yard to pick your car up, the reality is that there’s more to it and you can get the most money possible for your junk car when you follow these tips.

junking your car

Tip 1 – Remove Everything From The Vehicle 

This tip is important because, what most people don’t realize is that cars, trucks, or vans are sometimes like second or third homes and we have a tendency to leave or store things in our vehicles over time.

To avoid losing money, or many of your personal possessions that are saved in your vehicle, you should take the time to look through every square inch of your car, in the glove box, underneath the seats, and in the trunk for any of your personal belongings which may have been left or stored in your car or truck over the years.

Checking your vehicle for personal belongings is also important because, a junkyard or automotive recycler should not be thought of as a scrap yard or dumpster for getting rid of your junk so before you get paid cash for your car, you should take the time to make sure that your vehicle is in decent condition because you are conducting a business transaction and the buyer expects to get a vehicle without a lot of junk stored in it.

Tip 2 – Make Sure You Have The Title Ready

This tip is important because, many people will realize that the title to their vehicle is missing when it comes time to sell it so before you contact a company like Fred’s Auto Removal, or another automotive recycle company, to get paid cash for your vehicle, you should make sure that it’s ready to go when the person or company that you plan on selling your vehicle to come’s by to pick it up.

Tip 3 – Find Out What Valuable Parts Your Vehicle Has

After taking time to remove all the junk from your vehicle, and getting your cars title in order, the next thing that you need to do is to find out what are the valuable components in your vehicle.

Some of the valuable components inside your vehicle may include a newer stereo system, speakers, GPS, electronic devices, newer tires, rims, and anything else which can be stripped off your vehicle and resold.

The reason why you want to assess what’s valuable in your vehicle is because the company may strip those valuables or recyclables from your vehicle anyway so why shouldn’t you be the person to be paid what those parts or accessories are really worth.

Tip 3 – Remove Your License Plates

Yes, you should also remove the license plates from your vehicles because doing so will protect your best interests especially if someone were to purchase the vehicle after you’ve sold it to a junk yard or recycler. Removing the license plates from the vehicle will guarantee that you will be held liability free if the car, truck, or van that you owned is involved in an accident or an injury after you have sold your vehicle.

Tip 4 – Use Your Gas Before Junking Your Car

Last of all, but most important you should use up all of the gas in your vehicle because you paid for it and that gas will ultimately be siphoned from your vehicle anyway along with other fluids once it’s sold so you might as well use it up.

Tip 5 – What Is the Value of Your Junk Vehicle?

As with any donation, your primary goal may be to deduct your donation come tax time. To claim your vehicle, you have to itemize it on the Schedule A tax form 1040. Before you fill out the deduction, you should also know the fair market value of your vehicle by researching its value on the Kelley Blue Book website or reviewing the value of your vehicle on other car websites or forums online.

You must be aware that if your purpose is to claim your vehicle as a deduction, you won’t be able to get the full value of your junk car as deduction because you may only get a small portion of it’s value based on the marginal tax rate for the state that you currently live in.

Let’s say that your junk car is worth more than $500, or even worth more than $5,000, in this case, you’ll need to fill out Section A of IRS Form 8283.

Once you know what your vehicle is worth, depending upon the state that you’re living and you may be required to transfer the title above your junk car over to the charity that you plan on donating to and you may also need to remove the old license plates from your vehicle and the registration sticker too.

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