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Do you own a junk car? If so, one of the best New Year’s Resolutions that you can make for 2019 is to sell that car to Fred’s Auto Removal. Why? Our company will come out to wherever your vehicle is located and tow it away, relieving you of the hassle of having that older model car, truck, or van on your hands.

There’s nothing worse than owning a junk vehicle because you’re always going to be undecided and trying to figure out if you should fix the thing to keep it running or sell it and buy something else.

At Fred’s Auto Removal, we will relieve you of the hassle of owning that old vehicle so you can move on with your life without the hassle of having to spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle that might not be on the road for much longer.

Your Vehicle Is Worth Something

 Instead of calling a junker to tow away your vehicle, call Fred’s Auto Removal. We will pay you cash for your vehicle so that you can make some money from it instead of giving that old vehicle away for free to a company that’s just going to recycle it and make money from your vehicle anyway.

Most vehicles on the roads today are worth something because of their parts, tires, rims, sound systems or rare parts that might be more valuable than the actual vehicle itself to some collector.

Even though you may be tempted to sell your vehicle yourself, the reality is that selling a vehicle takes time, especially if you plan on selling that vehicle for parts. Let Fred’s Auto Removal save you the hassle of having to list that vehicle online or figure out which parts in your car, truck, or van may be worth money.

Contact Fred’s Auto Removal

To learn more about how much your vehicle’s really worth, contact Fred’s Auto Removal today by calling us at (503) 810-3061 or click here to connect with us online.


Turn your junk car into cash in Fairview

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Junk Your Car

Are you planning on recycling your used vehicle but are wondering when is the best time of year to do it?

The best time of year to recycle a vehicle is fall because during this time of year most people will search for extra cash to cover holiday expenses and you can easily get your older model used car, truck, van or RV off your hands and have the cash that you need just in time for the holidays.

We Serve All of Oregon

Are you ready to recycle your used vehicle but you’re not sure if we will come to your area or not? At Fred’s Auto Removal you can count on us to cover all of Oregon and Washington so it doesn’t matter where your vehicle is located, contact us today to get a quote and schedule pickup.

We Pick Up on Weekends Too! Call Us

Not sure if you should wait until Monday or after a holiday to recycle your old car? At Fred’s Auto Removal you can have confidence that we’re going to be available to pick up that old vehicle regardless if it’s at not or on the weekend.

We know that life can sometimes get in the way of doing the things that you want, that’s why you can count on us to be available to help you when you need us.

Don’t Settle for Second Best, Choose Fred’s Auto Removal Today!

Have you bought something in the past only to pay more for it than you were originally quoted?

At Fred’s Auto Removal we treat all customers fairly and can guarantee that the price that you’re quoted on the phone will be the price that we pay you for your vehicle!

Your older model vehicle is worth money even though another company may have quoted you $200 or less for it in the past.

When you choose us to pick up your vehicle you can count on Fred’s Auto Removal to pay you an excellent price for your used car, truck or van so that you can walk away from the transaction and have confidence in referring us to your friends or possibly using our company again in the future.

Call Fred’s Auto Removal today at 503-810-3061 or click here to connect with us online!


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